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We are committed to making your wealth valuable to you. We help you get there with our Fulfillment beyond Wealth roadmap. The roadmap is based on three pillars.

  • Stability: secure your present and future obligations.

  • Growth: identify and capitalize on opportunities based o your personal preferences. 

  • Fulfillment: There is more to life than security and money alone. We help you obtain that as part of our approach.

The Fulfillment beyond Wealth roadmap

The roadmap is a path that helps you grow from a state of "worrisome richness" to "proud fulfillment." Each stage is accompanied by a vital key to help you grow to the next stage, leading eventually to a state of pride, fulfillment and building a legacy with purpose.


Of course, you are not obliged to rise to the top. There is a path, and you know where it can lead you to. Our approach is an effective shortcut, but it doesn't mean you need to rush. You have your personal goals and desires, and there are right time and place for you to obtain them. We partner with you along the route.

How we make your wealth valuable to you!

You come first! Your wealth is a dimension of your work, your business, your family and your social involvements.
For each of the three pillars (stability, growth, and fulfillment), we define your personal profile; identify long-term opportunities that fit the profile, and we put it into action. We stay in close contact, leaving you worry-free while knowing exactly the purpose of all the services we provide for you.
From this foundation, we partner with you to grow according to the roadmap at your pace, and to the stage you desire. 
We operate independent from financial institutions and therefore can fully focus on your personal situation. 
Our commitment:

We save you time and effort while increasing your sense of fulfillment and confidence and making you worry-free!

  • Stability Foundation

    We review your current and future obligations to be able to secure them. Securing it will make you worry-free.

  • Stability Designation

    We assign parts of your wealth to your obligation profile, setting it free from risk.

  • Stability caretaking

    We secure your obligations assignment during the dynamics of your wealth development.

  • Growth profiling

    We collectively set up a personal investment profile based on your risk willingness and your personal values.

  • Growth Aligment

    We align your investments with your personal growth profile for worry-free capitalization.

  • Growth Scenarios

    We actively invest according to your profile. We report, advice and point out arising opportunities.

  • Personal Values

    We look at your personal interests, and together, we define possibilities to support you in enjoying your wealth.

  • Fulfillment aligmnent

    Whether it is charities, luxury or collectibles, we support you in identifying personal fulfillment.

  • Fulfillment 

    We proactively support you to the extent you desire to obtain maximum personal fulfillment.

Our online value OFFER

Get a full In-depth review

Without any obligations and less than 0.1% of your current wealth.

We will set up an appointment and thoroughly go through your personal situation and review it based on our Fulfillment beyond Wealth roadmap.


In 10 days , you will get a full in-depth insight on how you can put your wealth to work in your personal interest.

(Suitable for entrepreneurs, professionals or families having CHF 500K free fund available and above)    

CHF 495

100% Privacy. We respect your privacy.

Present and future obligations


We exam your personal situation and your current expenditure, income and future obligations. We secure them to have a stable foundation for worry free confidence.

Opportunity capitalization


Based on agreed investment strategies we execute investments with our expertise on a global scale. Performance based or fixed fees, your choice.

Enjoy your personal succes


Collectables, Charities, Luxuries, Events, Housing, Public presence and much more.

We supply the personalised service to obtain the joy you deserve.

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